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Cycle through natural landscapes and explore impressive cities full of art, amazing architecture, and incredible food. Explore Europe on your bike — all in the spirit of adventure and freedom. Take your time to stop and think, to look and see, to feel and experience the incredible journeys through Italy, France, and Holland. It’s this spirit of freedom and mindfulness that underpins everything we do here at Yubike.

The Yubike Tours Team

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Always looking for new experiences, a true Sagittarius, never stops! Micaela has two children and a life dedicated to restoring artworks. She is sincere and loyal, lively and adventurous; she is always smiling, even in difficult times. Spirituality is her guide on the road and she loves sports, travel, animals, outdoor life, and new friendships. The bike has always completed her. Passionate about art and nature, Micaela in 2011 moved from Rome to Amsterdam in search of new adventures.


Growing up between Chile and the United States, Carlos arrived in Europe with a backpack on his shoulders, keen to explore Europe on foot and by bicycle. On his travels, Carlos fell instantly in love with Amsterdam and Italy — as any cycling enthusiast must! A lover of art and good food, between cycling trips, he paints, teaches, and exhibits his paintings around the world. His good humour, kindness, and competence are essential ingredients of our trips. Without him, our trips would simply not be the same!

Yubike Tours — A Little More About Us

Yubike Tours was born from the desire to broaden cyclists’ horizons — to help people get in touch with the essence of some of the most beautiful locations in the world by riding along the roads and paths less traveled, through natural landscapes and impressive cities. We are always looking for new cycling tour locations, but our main cycling destinations are in France, Italy, and Holland. We have spent years cycling around these three European countries, learning the best roads and paths to unlock the best sights and discoveries for our guests.

Yubike's Ethos

We love the slow bike journey, where the rider has enough time to take in the world around them. Our bike tours are itinerant, meaning we travel from one place to the next. Most cycling routes consist of easy-to-intermediate trails, with a few are more challenging trails along the way. Our Tuscan Coast and Islands bike tour is a good example of a journey that mixes easy and intermediate trail difficulties.

Responsible Tourism

Our passion for new horizons, cycling, art, and nature, has brought us, naturally, to the practice of responsible tourism. We want to respect and preserve all of the cities, towns, and villages we visit, and to leave the stunning natural locations we visit just as we find them. Responsible tourism guides us in everything we do, including how we choose the hotels our guests stay at on our various cycling tours. Responsible tourism is an attitude as much as it is a policy; it is the practice of ensuring you enrich and benefit the places you visit.

We Want Anyone and Everyone to Enjoy Our Cycling Tours

It is our goal here at Yubike to encourage anybody and everybody to discover some of the most special cycling routes in Europe, even less sporty people. Some of our cycling routes are easier than others, and if you have any worries about the difficulty or whether or not you are capable, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.