Bike Tours

Explore Europe in a completely different way on one of Yubike’s incredible European cycling tours. Cycling long distances helps us connect with ourselves and with others on the road. It is an act of mindfulness. Join us and ride into Europe’s rich history and stunning natural landscapes.

Cycling Holidays in Europe

European cycling holidays are becoming more and more popular. Join us on a journey through the countryside, exploring local culture, and incredible cities. If a cycling holiday sounds like your perfect escape, consider our cycling tours in France, our cycling tours in Italy, and our cycling tours in Holland. Check our offers and promotions!

Bike & Hotel | Bike & Barge Tours

Here at Yubike Tours, we offer bike-and-hotel tours or bike-and-barge tours, depending on where our guests choose to go. We carefully choose all the hotels that host us according to the principles of sustainability and responsible tourism. Your luggage will be in the next hotel at the end of each day!
With our bike-and-barge tours — such as our 5-day Cycling Among the Flowers tours — we eat and sleep overnight on the barge and we start cycling after breakfast. Then, after a day’s cycling, we rejoin the boat in the evening! Both of these formats allow us to transport our guests’ luggage for them, allowing for a lighter, easier cycling experience! 


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