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Explore Europe in a completely different way on one of Yubike’s incredible European cycling tours. Cycling long distances helps us connect with ourselves and with others on the road. It is an act of mindfulness. Join us and ride into Europe’s rich history and stunning natural landscapes.

  • C.K, USA

    Yu-bike through the tulips.
    This is such a wonderful way to experience the essence of the Netherlands! As you barge through the canals, bike through the tulip fields and forests, visit a local cheese maker and wooden shoemaker, you experience not just the classic images of the Netherlands, but all you senses are engaged in the trip to make this not just a vacation but an adventure. Not to mention the intimate size of the group, in our case about 12 of us, and two guides that also take you into the towns in the evening to experience it like the locals. It was a trip, I’d do again. And for the shorter duration you do not have to feel intimated about the miles to ride every day. It was easy enough and enjoyable. Once again I am sure that had a lot to do with our hosts Carlos,Micaela and Alessandro. Thank you!

    C.K, USA
  • Tricia and Rob, Australia

    Your fiendly personality and knowledge of the region we have travelled, have contributed greatly in making this tour so enjoyable. The unexpected route changes, coffee and eating stops made the days interesting and fun. This was much appriciated and we wish you well in the future.

    Tricia and Rob, Australia
  • Malorie, USA

    Trip of a lifetime!
    This was such an inspirational trip. My best friend and I are florists in the United States and have been wanting to do this bike and barge since high school. That’s been 12 years now. We wanted to go during the tulip bloom and ride through the flower fields. It smelled amazing! We are big flower nerds are LOVED every minute of this trip. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Malorie, USA

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