7 Reasons to Visit the Netherlands in April by Yubike

We adore the Netherlands here at Yubike, and we’d love to take a little time out from our busy lives to give you the 7 main reasons you should cycle in the Netherlands in April!


7 Reasons to Visit the Netherlands in April by Bike

1:01pm, 22nd October 2018

Cycling in the Netherlands is incredible. The flat terrain and beautiful landscapes make our Holland bike-and-barge cycling tours incredibly popular each year. While Holland provides cyclists with ideal conditions for most of the year, April is special for a number of reasons. We adore the Netherlands here at Yubike, and we’d love to take a little time out from our busy lives to give you the 7 main reasons you should cycle in the Netherlands in April!


1. In Holland, the Flowers Burst into Bloom in April

Even cyclists motivated purely by fitness find it hard to resist a particularly beautiful cycling route. We think that a beautiful landscape can completely transform a cycling tour, and the fields and fields of flowers that bloom in Holland in April are guaranteed to make a big impression. The Netherlands is more famous for its follower cultivation than any other country — and for good reason! You can expect to find vibrant tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, daffodils and more as you cycle through the Netherlands.


2. The Keukenhof Gardens Open in April  


Flowerbed in the Keukenhof Gardens


The Keukenhof Gardens is sometimes called “The Garden of Europe” — called so for its breathtaking beauty and impressive flowerbed arrangements. It consists of 32 hectares of multicoloured flower gardens, all of which are opened to the public at the beginning of April. To get a better idea of the Keukenhof Gardens’ impressive array of flowers, we should say that 7 million bulbs are planted and April is when the bulk of its flowers bloom. There are also four artistic pavilions, as well as cafés and restaurants where you can recharge with a bite to eat and a coffee before getting on your bike again.


3. Enjoy the Emerging Spring Wildlife

With the bike-&-barge tour formula you can enjoy many of the Netherlands’ emerging spring wildlife from the canals and waterways. A bike is a wonderful way to get around, but so is a barge, and our barges allow you enough time to stop and appreciate the country and its animals from the water. Coasting along the canals in the spring, among windmills and green polders, you will see countless birds and mammals, such as hares, stoats, beech martens, roe deer, ducks, geese, and various other waterfowl.


4. Explore the Netherlands’ Cities in Spring

Holland - Flowers.jpg

Amsterdam in spring


Spring is a wonderful time to visit many of the Netherlands’ oldest, most beautiful cities. The mornings and evenings are brighter and the locals head out to the streets to enjoy the views. While it’s important to explore the Netherlands’ rural areas by bike, it’s equally important to explore its historical cities. Visit Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Leiden, learning the stories and secrets of each city from your dedicated guide. 


5. Get a Taste for Dutch Cuisine 

While you can get a taste for Dutch cuisine at any time of year, we’ve put it as a reason to visit in April because it will absolutely be one of the highlights for anyone who cycles through Holland in April. Cycling is hungry, thirsty work, so cyclists tend to eat and drink more than other guests visiting the Netherlands. You can look forward to tasting the world-famous Dutch beer from Trappist Abbey, among countless other beers. You can also look forward to tasting many of Holland’s excellent cheeses, as well as 'haring , a lightly pickled herring dish loved by the locals and the delicious apple pie!


6. The Mild Spring Weather is Perfect for Cycling

While many cyclists love taking one of our European cycling tours in the summer because of the warmer weather, others much prefer the milder spring temperatures as things get a lot less sweaty after hours of cycling in the elements. In the Netherlands, the average temperatures in April tend to range between 8°C (46°F) and 14°C (52°F), so you won’t be caught in extreme cold or extreme heat. For many, this is the perfect cycling temperature.


7. Dutch Café Culture Picks up in Spring


Café in Jordaan, part of Amsterdam


Lastly, Dutch Café Culture is another great reason to visit the Netherlands in April. The Dutch are a relaxed, friendly people, and this is reflected in the thousands of cafés scattered generously around the villages, towns, and cities. While café culture persists all-year-round, it picks up a little in Spring as the nicer weather and blooming flowers encourage everyone to go outside and have a coffee. Café culture is a huge part of most cyclists’ lives too, and this is part of the reason why the Netherlands is such a haven for cyclists in spring! 



There are more reasons to visit the Netherlands at any time of the year, but we hope we’ve inspired one or two readers to begin planning their big April cycling tour in Holland. If you have any questions about our Holland cycling tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Plan your next cycling adventure today, with Yubike!