Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cycling Tours

Here at Yubike, we want to make it as easy as possible to find the perfect cycling tour. Please read through this page to find out the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about our individual European bike tours and our service as a whole. If the answer to your question does not feature on this FAQ, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What luggage should/can I bring on a cycling tour?

With the bike-hotel formula, one piece of luggage and a handbag per person is allowed. With the bike-boat formula, there are no restrictions. However, for practical and logistical reasons, we recommend that you carry light and compact luggage with you.

What clothing should I bring on a cycling tour?

Comfortable clothes make a vacation more relaxing! Technical clothing is not required, but it is recommended sometimes, as the quality of synthetic fabrics are light, breathable and dry fast. However, do not forget your rain gear for when it rains. Additionally, reflecting stripes or a high-vis garment can make us more visible to cars and other road users. The use of a helmet is not mandatory but we strongly recommended it.

Is luggage transport included?

The luggage transport from one hotel to another is included in the price. You will find your luggage upon arrival at each hotel.

Can I rent a bike from Yubike?

If you do not have a bicycle, we will take care of it! We work closely with external organizations that have excellent city bikes and touring bikes.

Can I use my own bike?

Yes, you can. It is very important to test the condition of your bike before you leave. Make sure it is in good mechanical conditions, you will be responsible for it during the tour. We recommend always carrying a spare inner tube and repair kit. We are in possession of the necessary equipment in case you have a puncture or mechanical problems — but we are only prepared within reasonable limits.

Should I train ahead of the cycling tour?

We recommend a reasonable amount of preparation before you explore any one of the amazing cycling holiday destinations with us. Whilst you absolutely don’t have to be an athlete to take our tours, your legs, feet, and body should be used to cycling longer distances. If you want to be ready for the journey, to enjoy it fully and make the most of it, we recommend that you take the time to train a little. How much you should train, however, completely depends on you. Try a few shorter cycling journeys, then a few longer journeys. Use this training as an excuse to get out on the road and enjoy yourself.


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