Yubike Tours has a Brand-new Website!

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making Yubike’s new website and we’re very excited to announce that it is now live and ready for visitors!

Yubike Tours ha un nuovo Website!

12:39PM, 23 ottobre 2018

To mark the occasion, we’ve written a short blog to explain why we made the changes and to tell readers what they can find in each section of the website. 


Our Old Site Was a Little Too Old…

Here at Yubike, we’ve been organising cycling tours in Europe since 2011. It’s putting it very mildly to say that we have a passion for cycling and for the various countries and countrysides we cycle through with our guests. However, while we’ve had a passion for cycling in Europe, we’ve been somewhat less passionate about sitting at our computers, making our website look better…


This is why our regular customers will remember the previous website’s slightly old-fashioned aesthetic. We were fond of that website and it helped us connect with our customers, but it became dated and did not reflect the beauty and the quality of the cycling tours we offer! 

blog - new site.png

The New Site is Beautiful (if we say so ourselves)

We know that a big part of researching and booking a cycling holiday is concerned with finding a beautiful cycling route — and we know that a nice-looking website can help convince our customers that our tours are as beautiful as we say they are. In our humble opinion, our new website looks beautiful. The subtle orange and purple colour scheme set against the white background looks great and the images of our tours we’ve accrued over the years can really shine through with this new design. 


The New Website is Easier to Navigate

While the new website was being designed, we realised we could streamline the structure to make it easier for guests to find whichever cycling tour they’re looking for. Click on our Bike Tours section (or the dropdown menu along the top) to see each individual bike tour we offer. And, if you prefer to browse our cycling tours by country, you can click on the Destinations section (or the dropdown menu along the top) and choose between our France, Holland, and Italy bike tours


Our New Cycling Blog!

As part of our new website, we’ve added this bike blog and we hope it will be a good source of practical information and inspiration for anyone interested in European bike tours and cycling holidays. Over time, we will try to upload useful guides for anyone planning cycling tours in Europe, but we also want to look at the various countries we operate in and showcase exactly what makes them so special. We’ve been working in the European cycling tour industry for a long time now, and we’d like share some of our experience with this blog. So, watch this space for fun blogs, interesting insights, and practical guides!



We hope some of our previous customers are pleasantly surprised by our new website and that we can continue to improve this side of our business. If you have any questions about our bike tours or if you have a question about the new website, please feel free to get in touch.