Terms and Conditions

Terms of payment

– At the time of booking we require a down payment of 30% of the total price of the package tour.
– The balance must be paid no later than 42 days before departure.
– If the reservation is made less than 42 days before departure, you will be required to pay the total package tour price at once.


– The traveller himself shall be responsible for having the required documents, for example a passport that meets all validity requirements, or, when accepted, an identity card and the possibly required visa, proof of inoculations and vaccinations and driving licence.
– The traveller himself shall be responsible to obtain the necessary additional information from the authorities concerned and shall also check well on time before the departure whether the previously obtained information has not been changed in the meantime.
– If the traveller cannot make the trip (in part or in its entirety) because a (valid) document is missing, this and all related consequences shall be at his expense.


– The substitution is possible provided that the organizer is informed via email at least 7 days before the date fixed for the departure, receiving communication of the identity of the transferee and that the substitute meets all the conditions for using the service and the requirements regarding documents that are necessary to partecipate in the tour.
– The incumbent is required to reimburse the organizer the cost for the substitution (€ 30), the communication costs and all additional costs incurred in the substitution.
– The organizer has the right to refuse a substitute for valid reasons and is required to communicate and motivate this decision in writing via email or fax to the traveller and transferee.

Program modifications 

The travel organiser shall be entitled to change the program due to climate and organizational reasons, without prior notification.

Cancellation of the tour

Yubiketours reserves the right to cancel the tour with less than the minimum number of participants, specified in the corresponding tour page, up to 21 days prior to the date of departure.