Bike Tours and Cycling Holidays in Italy

Cycling in Italy is an incredible experience. Feast your eyes on the stunning Italian countryside and feast your stomach on homemade pasta, pizza, and some of the best wine in world. Explore some of the most peaceful cycling routes in Italy and dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Bike Tours in Italy

Have you ever fantasised about cycling through Italy? Our bike tours go through the famed artist’s Grand Tour regions; they have a taste of the past and the flavor of today. There’s so much to see and do on our various Italian cycling holidays: explore ancient Etruscan cities; taste beautiful, rustic Italian wine; visit cozy mountain-top villages, and take the time to appreciate the astounding Italian landscapes around every corner!

Taking a bike tour in Italy with Yubike is all about discovering the lesser-known parts of Italy. On our bike tour from Orvieto to Argentario, you’ll take the road less travelled along Tuscany’s surprising Silver coast (Argentario), visiting Orvieto’s magnificent Duomo. On our Lazio Countryside cycling tour, cycling around Alto Lazio, taking in the stunning beauty of the Lake Bolsena and the surrounding countryside — this is a bike tour rich in nature and history. On our stunning Tuscan Coast and Islands cycling holiday, you’ll visit Etruscan cities, pilgrimage roads, medieval churches, Roman bridges, and idyllic towns in volcanic rock.

Needless to say, Italy’s incredible cuisine and food culture will provide you with plenty of fuel for your cycling journey through its rustic countryside. Enjoy traditional wood-fired pizza and toast to your journey with local wines. Let us show you the hidden cycling routes through Italy! And if you’re open to other European cycling trips, outside of Italy, you may like to browse our French cycling tours and our bike and barge tours in Holland.

Cycling in Italy — Level of difficulty:


Very easy

Flat, daily stages between 35 and 55 km (22-34 miles).



Flat with a slight climb, not difficult, daily stages between 35 and 55 km (22-34 miles) 



Mostly flat with more frequent hills, and possibly steeper short climbs. 35 and 55 km (22-34 miles) 



Hilly with flat sections, long climbs and short steep, but not very steep climbing. Daily stages between 25 and 50 km (15-31 miles)



Hilly with elevation difference. Daily stages between 35 and 60 km (22-37 miles).


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