Update on Covid-19

Being a small family business, we truly care for everybody that touches our life doing what we love. At this moment we hope that all of you are well and taking care of yourself and the ones around you. A special thought goes to all of you with whom we’ve shared magnificent cycling adventures and to all those who were planning to do so in the coming time. The memories of pedaling among the tulips, the beauties of Italy, the colors of the French land, the stunning natural lanscapes and the sunsets over the sea accompany us in this moment. Yubike continues to work from home, taking care of the necessary changes to be made to the program scheduled for 2020 and preparing for the new 2021 season.

The present situation constrains us to modify our program and we will update you as it develops also for those who work with us, partners, resellers, boats, hotels and other instances. 

Like many tour operators, we are also subject to comply and adjust to regulations not only in The Netherlands but also from other countries where we operate. As of now, departures are not available until the end of June and we will watch the situation day to day. We are contacting all clients who have booked a bike tour with us, doing our utmost to find the solution that best suits everyone's needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or doubt concerning your trip. 

We send you all our sincere wishes that you keep fit and put health in first place. Don’t let any virus attack your dreams, dream on, hoping to see you soon with us!

Micaela and Carlos


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